Wednesday, 18 July 2007


To say Seve inspired us to pick up a golf club is an understatement.
There are golfing greats, there are golfing legends... and there is Seve.
The story of rags to riches is legendary..
The swashbuckling style is unique...
The fist pumping celebration in 1984 at St Andrews is one of THE iconic sporting images of the last 100 years...
Hell, he even looked good in Slazanger!!!!!!!!!!!

But an announcement that the 5 time major winner is to retire came and to be honest, it surprised no one.
"I don't have the desire any longer," he said. "I have worked very hard from morning to night and put all my energy and effort into the game, focused 100% and I felt that was enough.
I have a number of good years left and I'd rather spend time now with my three children and my companies and friends."

It is fair to say that he has had his problems recently: injury, terrible form and of course a dreadfully vain tattoo!!!
It would however be folly to remember him for his final years on tour.
Instead, remember El Matador who brought our wonderful game to an entirely new audience.


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