Tuesday, 24 July 2007



Having just recovered from the events at Carnoustie, low and behold, the 4 day pass has just arrived for what could turn out to be one of the golf highlights of the year.

The British Seniors Open Championship comes to town, or rather to Muirfield.

Some of the top players in the history of our great game will contend for a total purse of £1m over what is without quiestion, the best course in the UK.

Let us not start making wise cracks about 6 hour rounds due to 4 toilet stops or indeed about score cards getting muddled up as the players have " a wee bit of an off day!".

These guys are serious and with some of them as young as 50 (Wayne Grady 50 on the Thursday!) expect to see some good shooting.

Of course the talk is of Faldo and can he add to his 2 Muirfield Opens of '87 and '92 (they only seem like yesterday!)

“A Senior Open Championship title at Muirfield to go with my two regular Open Championship titles is certainly the goal for me" commented Faldo.

However, we expect Watson to have a thing or 2 say and Loren Roberts will be very keen to hold on to the title that he claimed last year on the Ailsa.

Muirfield, the home of so many great memories will have that buzz about it that only a handful of courses have and with so many legends present, we could be in for a memorable few days.

As for Gary player's "drugs" allegations, the only drugs we expect to see are the odd viagra tablet and perhaps something for the odd bout of gout.

Enjoy the weekend.


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Watching it on Sky.
Come on Faldo

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