Friday, 10 August 2007


Angel "disappointed" with 10 on Par 3.

We are not entirely convinced that "Septuple" is a word - Is there a word for +7 on 1 hole??
That's what Cabrera did on the Par 3 6th at the opening round of the USPGA (Southern Hills, Tulsa).

After firing 2 balls Oscar Bravo, he followed up with a slap into the water and pretty much kissed goodbye to making the cut at the years final Major.

In stifling conditions (goodness knows how Daly was able to get round in one piece and shoot 67!!), the player gathered for what many regard as the weakest of the 4 Majors, partly due to the quality of some of the courses over the years.
Everyone expects Tiger to deliver and at +1, he's not dead and burried.
69s (-1) for Padraig and Westwood keeps alive the prospect of a European winner (2 Majors in a row... surely not??)
However, the surprise name at the top of the leaderboard is Graeme Storm from England.
A fantastic 65 has given him an unlikely lead and seemed to surprise even him.
"I don't know where that came from," quipped the Englishman.
I'm not a sport psychologist but that suggests to me that making the cut is the goal as opposed to winning the damn thing.
We are off to Machrihanish now for 3 days of golf heaven and will be watching events unfold from Tulsa over the weekend.

The only thing we are worried about is the post USPGA feeling that is inevitable on Monday morning .... "That's it for another year!!"

Monday, 6 August 2007



The members breath a collective sigh of relief.
Double G&Ts all round.
As the champagne is opened, the feeling in the locker room is unanimous...
"Thank F**k that's over!!"
For the first time in history, the home of the R&A opened its doors to the "best" women golfers in the world.

Instead of early morning four balls between Colonel Itchy Baws and Major I.M Sober, the links was awash with bright colours, colourful characters and in some instances, great looking woman.
The event was won by world number 1, Lorena Ochoa.

Will the event be brought back?

Will the members give over the locker rooms for another full week?

Will the Womens game ever have the same appeal as the mens?

No comment......



The one person who has shown us all that there is "more than one way to skin a cat" is looking unlikely to make the USPGA at Southern Hills, Oklahoma.

A back injury whilst practicing for the WGC has all but ruled him out.

We like big Jim.

He is not the most conventional of guys with a swing that is akin to an octupus falling from a tree but to be fair, there are fewer consistent players around.

"I would love to try to be prepared and ready to go at the PGA, but if that's not the case, just get healthy and get strong," said the 37-year-old American.

We wish you a speedy recovery Mr Furyk.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007



Having just recovered from the events at Carnoustie, low and behold, the 4 day pass has just arrived for what could turn out to be one of the golf highlights of the year.

The British Seniors Open Championship comes to town, or rather to Muirfield.

Some of the top players in the history of our great game will contend for a total purse of £1m over what is without quiestion, the best course in the UK.

Let us not start making wise cracks about 6 hour rounds due to 4 toilet stops or indeed about score cards getting muddled up as the players have " a wee bit of an off day!".

These guys are serious and with some of them as young as 50 (Wayne Grady 50 on the Thursday!) expect to see some good shooting.

Of course the talk is of Faldo and can he add to his 2 Muirfield Opens of '87 and '92 (they only seem like yesterday!)

“A Senior Open Championship title at Muirfield to go with my two regular Open Championship titles is certainly the goal for me" commented Faldo.

However, we expect Watson to have a thing or 2 say and Loren Roberts will be very keen to hold on to the title that he claimed last year on the Ailsa.

Muirfield, the home of so many great memories will have that buzz about it that only a handful of courses have and with so many legends present, we could be in for a memorable few days.

As for Gary player's "drugs" allegations, the only drugs we expect to see are the odd viagra tablet and perhaps something for the odd bout of gout.

Enjoy the weekend.

Monday, 23 July 2007


New addition to book

"TANK FOCK FOR TAT!!!" - Harrington after 4 hole play-off (Carnoustie 2007)

Got your breath back yet?
After what has been a boring 6 months golf, I think it is fair to say that Carnoustie has just provided us with THE best Open for 30 years.
Ok, so the weather was "mixed" to say the least (although was it devine intervention that led to blue skies and sunshine for the 4 hole play-off?).
The course has been praised by all quarters - not the same severity as 1999 but still an awesome test of links golf.
The rough was manageable, the greens were receptive and the fairways teased.
We stood on Thursday as the tournament teed off and were once again awestruck by just how well these guys strike the ball.
We could go on about how much we enjoyed the event, how it is without doubt THE best sporting event on the planet and of course, how Ivor Robson MUST be honoured in the next Queens list... but instead, let us focus on 1 thing...... Can Sergio bounce back?
To see 2 Europeans fight it out was a joy to behold after "8 years of hurt" and to be honest, we would have been delighted to see Padraig or Sergio lift the Claret Jug.
Everyone talked after day 3 about how the only way Sergio would not lift it was by choking.
We disagreed with this venomously and were proved right.
A 3 shot lead is nowt with 18 holes to go - you make bogey, your opponent makes birdie and hey presto, you are back to 1 shot and the old "back wheel" is starting to get a wee bitty twitchy.
Sergio played well on Day 4 - his putter did not work quite as well as Thursday, friday, Saturday but his ball striking was solid.
One shot sums this up - he's 2 shots back going up 18 in the play-off, Padraig lays up and he knocks in a fantastic long iron to 20 feet!!!
Under the circumstances, shot of the tournament.
So can Sergio bounce back?
He's gutted, make no mistake about that.
He's becoming "The best player never to win a Major" and he doesn't like it... just ask Mickelson how relieved he was to pick up his 1st green blazer!
The Spaniard will learn from this.

He'll learn that it takes a completely different metal to win a Major (if he had won after leading from Thursday, it would have been an awesome achievement).
He's going to bounce back and we think the USPGA could be the time to prove he has the bottle and as we know, he certainly has the ability.

Padraig.... congratulations on what was a truly memorable victory.

Sergio..... Your time will come...

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Good evening ladies and gentleman.

Our bags are packed, our beers are cold and our mobiles are firmly packed away for the next 4 days.
Carnoustie here we come....
Dumping in dodgy portakabins, beer in plastic glass, £8 bacon rolls - no, not London pubs.... THE OPEN!

The sense of anticipation on the Thursday morning, the flags blowing above the main stands, the yellow rough, the sun scorched fairways, Ivor "no toilet break" Robson announcing the final 3 ball and making a mad dash to said portakabin... how does the man do it!!

Stay away from the t**ts in the Bollinger tent, walk the course am / get a seat at the 16th pm.
That's how to enjoy the world's finest sporting event.


To say Seve inspired us to pick up a golf club is an understatement.
There are golfing greats, there are golfing legends... and there is Seve.
The story of rags to riches is legendary..
The swashbuckling style is unique...
The fist pumping celebration in 1984 at St Andrews is one of THE iconic sporting images of the last 100 years...
Hell, he even looked good in Slazanger!!!!!!!!!!!

But an announcement that the 5 time major winner is to retire came and to be honest, it surprised no one.
"I don't have the desire any longer," he said. "I have worked very hard from morning to night and put all my energy and effort into the game, focused 100% and I felt that was enough.
I have a number of good years left and I'd rather spend time now with my three children and my companies and friends."

It is fair to say that he has had his problems recently: injury, terrible form and of course a dreadfully vain tattoo!!!
It would however be folly to remember him for his final years on tour.
Instead, remember El Matador who brought our wonderful game to an entirely new audience.